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Vacuum insulated lunchbox

Specifically developed for the Indian market, the Tyffyn design is based on the paradigm of the traditional Indian tiffin box, which aims at keeping food hot from the time it is prepared in the early morning, until lunch time.

The design approach is focused on user experience, from ease of use and improved technical performance, to the smart accessories, to the impeccable styling, everything is carefully coordinated to create the ultimate Indian lunch experience: The taste of home, away from home.

Technical improvements include a thinner profile, improved heat retention and leak resistance, flexible partitioning for more food variety, integrated seals for easy cleaning without the need for disassembly.

Product and packaging design:

- Industrial Design
- Product Graphics
- Structural Packaging Design
- Packaging Graphics


Stainless steel shell, polypropylene base and handle, copper plated stainless steel food containers with polypropylene holders and lids

Dimensions (600 ml) 
mm 445 x 380 x 380 (17.5” x 15” x 13”)


Tyffyn designs in 600 and 1000 ml capacities 

Tyffyn designs in 600 and 1000 ml capacities 

Tyffyn 600 ml design details

Tyffyn 600 ml design details


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