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Vaya Visual Brand

Visual Branding forHousewares Manufacturer, Chennai, India

For the global introduction of this design-driven company, the challenge was to create a mark that would be instantly timeless, while conveying the brand attributes of style, quality and innovation.

The project spanned from the design of the logo, color palette and typography palette, to the development of brand guidelines that would help the creative team in the effort of keeping a consistent visual message.

The visual brand applications expanded to a simple yet elegant stationery system, to the design of the company website, it's social media advertising campaigns, retail packaging and e-commerce packaging for its many products, large scale graphics for the trade show display, and a flexible, simple yet elegant trade show display.

Visual Branding and Communication Design:

- Logo Design
- Brand Guidelines
- Stationery System
- Website (designed with Llobe)
- Social Media Advertising
- Product Design
- Packaging
- Trade Show Graphics
- Point of Purchase Displays

 Vaya Logo Design

Vaya Logo Design

The Vaya logomark evokes images of sprouting leaves, a bird in flight, or offering hands, while the color palette is inspired by symbols of Indian culture: the blue of the ocean, the green of tulsi, and the warm brown of its curry.

 Vaya visual brand look and feel

Vaya visual brand look and feel

Suitable for a multi-cultural international clientele, the  look and feel of Vaya's visual brand is is simple and clean. The corporate colors are used as accents, mainly in combination with a white background.

 Vaya stationery system

Vaya stationery system

Vaya's stationery system was designed to be colorful yet understated. In addition to the basic elements, it also features a note pad and note card, spiced with decorative elements derived from the logo mark.

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Vaya Website Graphics (with Llobe)

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Vaya Facebook Advertising Campaign


Vaya Trade Show Supergraphics

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