innovative flower vase design

Mutant, flower vase

Denying the stereotypical role of the designer as the giver of form, the Mutant vase delegates this responsibility to others. As if made of metallic clay, this malleable vase can in fact be reshaped in virtually infinite ways, making the user part of the design process.

The unusual feature is achieved by wrapping a large steel coil around a conical vessel, trapping it between its the upper and lower edges.

mutable vase design

Product design for Benza - Brooklyn, NY, USA
Materials: anodized aluminum, galvanized steel
Dimensions: 178 x 241 x 241 mm



Beautiful Bowl design

Drop, fruit bowl

Inspired by the accidental paint splashes typical of a painter’s studio, these playful fruit bowls were designed as a bold and colorful tabletop accent.

The rounded bottom also allows them to gently rock as they get filled, making them as playful as they are elegant.

Product design for Benza - Brooklyn, NY, USA
Materials: cast resin
Dimensions: 132 x 343 x 343 mm

Playful rocking bowl


Table organizer
desk accessory design

Trampoline, (dis)organizer

Trampoline is made of a chrome-plated steel frame, and twelve industrial rubber bands. The oversized rubber bands are stretched over the frame by the user, and can be arranged or rearranged in a virtually infinite number of ways, making each piece unique to its owner.

Multiple frames can be stacked, creating layers of (dis)organization.

Product design for Benza - Brooklyn, NY, USA
Materials: chrome plated steel, EPDM rubber bands
Dimensions: 305 x 305 x 64 mm



Boing, centerpiece

An elegant translucent plate combined with an oversized steel spring, together they become an irresistible object designed to invite and acknowledge user interaction, by jiggling at the slightest touch, and compressing under the weight of the objects placed in it.


Product design for Benza - Brooklyn, NY, USA
Materials: stainless steel, acrylic.
Dimensions: 102 x 305 x 305 mm

pinup 3x35.jpg


Centerpiece design

Candle + Vase = Candlevase

Candles and flower vases often belong in the same place, on a table, on a sideboard, on a mantel…

Our Candlevases combines the two objects into a single one, with mutually exclusive functionality. The user can either fill the Candlevase with water and flowers, or in the absence of flowers, light its wicks and sculpt the vase with fire. When lit, the scented wax of the vase allows the user to enjoy the pleasurable aroma of flowers, even in their absence.

Spring dish

Product design for Benza - Brooklyn, NY, USA
Materials: scented wax
Dimensions: Small 220 x ø100 mm; Large 300 x ø140 mm