Newspaper advertising design

NYC hotel launch

For the launch campaign of this Japanese-owned boutique hotel in New York City, we were tasked with the design of a full-page newspaper advertisement that would convey the peaceful elegance of the facilities, and the brand’s key attributes of safety and tradition.

As a solution we designed two understated ads, which focused on the concepts of peacefulness and safety, respectively.

Promotion kitano

Advertising design for The Kitano, New York, USA
Media: print advertising
Publication: The New York Times

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Global advertising campaign for the Tyffyn lunchbox

The key objective of this campaign was to present the Tyffyn lunchbox as an alternative to styrofoam containers and a vessel for gourmet food, not only home cooked, but also purchased from your favorite restaurant, delicatessen or food truck.

To fulfill these requirements, we developed a series of cinemagraphs (isolated animations) featuring the Tyffyn lunchbox being filled with delicacies, each image focusing on chefs placing the final touches on their creations.

The entire campaign included four Facebook ads, a full range of animated Google banners and adaptive ads, animated emailer and animated landing page.


Advertising design for Vaya, Chennai, India
Media: online Advertising
Channels: Facebook and Google

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Magazine advertising campaign

Design brand trade advertising

Benza’s colorful, fun and on-the-edge accessories inspired these simple ads designed to let the products speak for themselves.

Headlines like “Work Should be Fun” “Not Your Usual Stuff”, “Break the Rules” and “Toys for Adults” embodied the New York startup’s innovative philosophy, and its young and rebellious approach to design.

Brand design

Advertising design for Benza - Brooklyn, NY, USA
Media: print advertising
Publication: Metropolis

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Local delivery service rebranding campaign

Max Delivery is a Lower Manhattan e-commerce website, with one-hour guaranteed delivery service. Its rebranding program included a new marketing strategy and an advertising campaign that would resonate with its mostly young, urban and single audience.

For Max Delivery we designed a mixed-media campaign, with outdoor and direct-mail advertising that would reach the audience at home and in its neighborhood. The situational visuals and humorous messages were crafted to connect with the New York audience through their basic wants and primal needs.

Direct mail campaign

Direct mail campaign

Advertising design for Max Delivery, New York, USA
Media: outdoor and direct mail

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