Molecules, inspiration, modular design

Molecules, coffee tables

The design of the Molecules coffe tables was inspired by the simple complexity of molecular structures. Available in two heights, theses playful tables can be combined and overlapped to create complex arrangements that will fit any space. 

From small compositions for cozy corners to larger ones for public areas, the possible combinations of the Molecules coffee tables are virtually infinite.

Round, adaptive design

Furniture Design
Materials: lacquered MDF, chrome plated steel
Dimensions: 800 x 800 x 200/350 mm

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Tiziana, chair

Formed by a single curved plane, the design of the Tiziana chair is all about gesture, elegance, and synthesis of form.

Plywood chair design

Furniture Design
Materials: molded plywood
Dimensions: 860 x 460 x 480 mm

Elegant Minimal chair design


Cabinet mirror design

Psyche, mirror/cabinet

Four stacked cubes rotating on the same central axis are finished with a different material on each side, making their arrangements virtually endless. Only one configuration will compose a full length mirror. 

Its concealed doors, and its picture frames hiding secret windows, make Psyche a mysterious and personal object of which the owner will gradually learn every secret. 

Psyche personal design

Furniture Design
Materials: plywood, maple and walnut veneer, acrylic, aluminum, glass
Dimensions:  1830 x 610 x 610 mm



Contract institutional commercial seating design

Red Clouds, modular seating

Designed for flexibility, the Red Clouds seating modules include four components, with two diameters and two different heights. High and low modules can be overlapped, arranged and rearranged to form colorful cloud formations. 

Whether it’s a small arrangement for a homey waiting area, or a large compositions for a public lobby; the possible combinations of the four modules are virtually infinite.

Furniture Design
Materials: wood frame, urethane foam, fabric, chrome plated steel.
Dimensions: 1000/700ø x 1000 x 550mm (tall) 1000/700ø x 1000 x 350mm (low)

modular design


Mirror composition design

Broken Mirror, modular mirror

They say a broken mirror will bring seven years of bad luck!

Inspired by this popular myth we designed the Broken Mirror, a modular mirror that can be randomly arranged to look as if it were broken, or carefully aligned into combinations of any size.

Each of the three basic components (corner, center, side) can be hang in different orientations, and easily aligned with the neighboring ones through adjustable brackets. Compose simple mirrors of any size, or mix and scramble the frame styles for a more unique visual effect.

mirror broken design

Furniture Design
Materials: wood and glass, steel hardware
Dimensions: 500 x 500 mm (each component)