Sticky clock retail packaging

For the introduction in design and museum stores of these low-cost, food themed kitchen clocks, we aimed for a design that would make the product look simply… delicious!

The answer was a one-size-fits-all solution that displayed the product elegantly, enhanced its perceived, and worked equally well for all nine SKU’s.

Structural packaging and graphic design for Benza, New York, USA
Materials: paper tray, with screen-printed polypropylene sleeve.
Dimensions: 200 x 150 x 50 mm

Retail packaging design
Paper packaging design


innovative packaging design

Tyffyn lunchbox retail packaging

For the launch of the Tyffyn lunchbox we needed a packaging that would convey the high level of quality and innovation that characterizes the product, without the need for individually designed boxes to suit the many colors and styles available.

Our solution is a paperboard box with magnetic lock and laminated graphics which clearly explain the unique features of the product. The slick and luxurious look conveys innovation and quality, while a large front window allows clear visibility of the color or style contained in the box.

Display packaging design

Structural packaging and graphic design for Vaya, Chennai, India
Materials: laminated paperboard with clear PVC window
Dimensions: 225 x 190 x 160 mm

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Pin Up clock retail packaging

To capture the emotional, soft, warm and cozy nature of the Pin Up clock, we adopted a clear acrylic box in which the rolled-up fleece dial would be fully displayed, giving it the look and feel of a safety blanket.

The stacked boxes could be arranged facing opposite direction to form a colorful, POP display. A paper insert illustrates the product on the front, while providing instructions for its use and assembly on its back.

Compact packaging design

Structural packaging and graphic design for Benza, New York, USA
Materials: clear acrylic box with paper insert.
Dimensions: 160 x 90 x 90 mm

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eco-friendly packaging design

Tubing sample package

Selecting the right tubing to be used laboratory research is an empirical process: soak the tubing in the substance it will be used with, and look for any sign of deterioration.

We designed this material sample package as a tool to allow researchers proper identification of each sample after testing. The tubing samples are cut at different lengths so they cannot be confused with each other, while the unusual shape of package serves as a labeling system for proper identification after testing.

Shorter pieces are of course also the most expensive, which saved money on production while giving researchers an additional clue for the assessment. An actual-size selection chart is conveniently printed on the back of the packaging to complete the selection process.

Recycled packaging design

Structural packaging and graphic design for Manostat, New York, USA
Materials: paper
Dimensions: 110 x 60 x 8 mm