Marketing Services Promotional Brochure

Promoting marketing services to a creative audience can be a very challenging proposition, this New York firm required a promotional piece that screamed CREATIVITY without ever mentioning the word.

We achieved such objective with a combination of three-dimensional design and clever copywriting, taking the viewer through an unexpected journey of discovery. By unrolling the barrel-fold pamphlet, keywords related to fundamental marketing concepts are gradually uncovered on either side. Even if randomly re-folded, the arrangement of the words leads back to the same key principle: SUCCESS.


Communication Design for Group 1066, New York, USA
Brochure and jacket design
Material: Uncoated paper
Dimensions: 265 x 685 mmm



Lecture Series Invitation

A design lecture series organized by the NY chapter of the IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) included four events held at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, in NYC.

Given the three-week span between the first and last event of the series, our objective for its invite was to design a reminder that our creative audience would want to keep around until the last event.

Our solution was a miniature screen: a simple accordion fold that turned the invitation into a playful object people would want to display on their desk, at least for a little while.


communication design for IDSA/NY
Material: Uncoated paper
Dimensions (open flat): 216 x 356 mm  



CoasterCard 1_3.jpg

Holiday Card and Coaster Set

While bringing you joyful season’s greetings, holiday cards are usually thrown away not long after they are received. Troubled with their temporary lifespan, we sought to add a usefulness to the card that would extend its life beyond its primary greeting function.

Second Life is a holiday card and a holiday gift in one. Six tear-off coaster are precut into the card, easy to remove and ready to use. The sender can write a message on their back, which the recipient can share with guests at holiday parties.

Why should a holiday card just bring you a message of love, when it could bring you so much more?

Coaster card_07.jpg

Product and graphic design for the MoMA Design Store, New York, USA
Material: Uncoated paper
Dimensions (open/flat): 127 x 533 mm


Food Stylist Brochure

One of the most talented food stylists in the industry, Ellen Lucas’ portfolio includes a large collection of gorgeous, mouthwatering images, that begged to speak for themselves.

To allow just that, we created a clean and understated photographic menu in which the elegant images are organized into meals, peppered with profile and list of clients.


Communication design for Ellen Lucas, New York, USA
Material: Uncoated paper
Dimensions: 216 x 140 mm

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