Vaya, housewares manufacturer - Chennai, India

For the global introduction of this design-driven company, the challenge was to create a mark that would be instantly timeless, while conveying the brand attributes of style, quality and innovation.

The logomark evokes images of sprouting leaves, a bird in flight, or offering hands, while the color palette is inspired by symbols of Indian culture: the blue of the ocean, the green of tulsi, and the warm brown of its curry.


Visual branding and communication design program:
• Logo Design
• Brand Guide
• Stationery System
• Website UX/UI
• Social Media Content
• Digital Advertising
• Product Design
• Packaging Graphics
• Motion Graphics

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Color Palette

Color Vaya.jpg


Typo Vaya.jpg



First Eagle Investment Management - New York, NY, USA

For the rebranding of this 100+ year old investment firm from Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Advisers to First Eagle Investment Management, the greatest challenge was the creation of a unique logomark based on the eagle, the most exploited symbol in human history. Visual brand and full visual communication package were developed in less than five months from project kick-off to brand launch.

The development of the visual brand was based on the firm's key attributes: conservative, experienced, disciplined, loyal, independent, sophisticated, and understated. The solution is a somber traditional look, a powerful logomark, solid fonts, a subtle color palette, and monochrome photography. Color accents were then introduced to distinguish the many reports and communication tools the firm regularly produces.


Visual branding and communication design program:
• Logo/Identity Design
• Brand & Design Standards Manual
• Photo Library Development
• Stationery System
• Company Brochure
• Product Literature
• Sales Material Templates
• Press Kit
• Interior Signage

Color Palette

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The Kitano, boutique hotel - New York, NY, USA

The visual branding brief for this unique, Japanese-owned New York hotel, demanded a sophisticated western look with Japanese flair, and a realistic icon symbolizing a safe heaven for his Japanese guests in New York. The Kitano's guardian angel is more than a western samurai at the service of the hotel's guests, it is a powerful demi-god, it is safety and protection with style and elegance.


Visual branding and communication graphics program:
• Logo / Identity Design
• Design Standards Manual
• Stationary System
• Brochures
• Sales Kit
• Print Advertising
• Event Promotions & Invitations
• Membership Card
• Restaurant and Bar Menus
• Room Amenities
• Gift Store Packaging
• Comprehensive Building Signage

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Color Palette

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Typo Kitano.jpg



Max Delivery, online shopping - New York, NY, USA

Max Delivery is a unique online service available in downtown Manhattan. It guarantees one-hour delivery by bicycle messenger of almost any household product, from groceries and fresh food, to drugstore items and gourmet delicacies.

The young, fresh, urban, environmentally conscious brand needed a look and feel that would set it apart from large corporate ventures and local grocery stores.

Our design and recommendations included dynamic logo that would clearly convey the type of service offered. A fresh, green and energetic color palette to highlight the environmentally friendly approach. A young, urban marketing campaign that would emotionally connect the the downtown NYC audience.

max 2 3x35.jpg

Visual branding and communication design package:

• Logo/Identity Design
• Color and Typography Palettes
• Image Library Look-and-Feel
• Website Design
• Outdoor Advertising Campaign

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Color Palette

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Typo Max Delivery.jpg