Vacuum insulated lunchbox for Vaya

Inspired by the traditional lunchboxes used widely throughout India, the Tyffyn builds on the insulated tiffin carrier conept, offering significant improvements on all of its features. Lighter in weight and thinner in size,  our design also offers greatly improved heat retention, leak-proof containers, and more flexibility in meal management. The key change in design is the upside-down approach.
Heat retention was significantly improved by moving the access point from the top to the bottom of the thermally insulated case. This new approach allows the case to trap the heat within a perfectly sealed top, fitting the food containers tightly inside the case. Everything is locked together by two draw latches, which put ressure on all lids to guarantee a perfect seal. The stainless steel case also offers a great surface for product graphics. Scroll down for a pick at our designs.

A Lunchbox Full of Innovation

  1. Collapsible handle desappers in the lid

  2. Vacum-insulated stainless steel shell 

  3. Slim oval body, easily fits in your bag

  4. Leak-proof lids with integrated gaskets. No loose parts, easier to clean.

  5. Heat-protective finger grip

  6. Removable partitions for more flexibility

  7. Elegant copper-coated lunch containers

  8. Thermally insulated base with integrated gaskets. No loose parts, easier to clean.

  9. Pressurizing latches seal case and all inner containers

Elegant, copper-plated lunch containers neatly stack inside the case. Available in 1000ml  and 600ml. A wonderful travel companion to your daily adventures.

Materials: Stainless Steel, ABS Plastic
Dimensions: 600ml: 160x115x122mm
1000ml: 160x115x170m


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