Max Delivery

One-hour delivery service of household needs. New York, NY USA

Max Delivery is a unique online service available in downtown Manhattan. It guarantees one-hour delivery by bicycle messenger of almost any household product, from groceries and fresh food, to drugstore items and gourmet delicacies.

Recommendations included:
Adding ".com" to the company name to clearly convey the online nature of the business
A dynamic icon to clearly convey the type of service offered
A fresh, green and energetic color palette to highlight the environmentally friendly approach.
A young, urban look-and-feel and marketing campaign that emotionally appeals to the downtown audience.

designed with Makiko Takeuchi

Branding and Visual Communication:

 - Logo/Identity Design
- Color and Typography Palettes
- Image Library Look-and-Feel
- Website Design
- Advertising and Promotion Strategy
- Outdoor Campaign Design
- Tagline and Catch Copy