Tokyo Global Gateway TGG Lobby

TGG Lobby and Mezzanine Lounge

Tokyo Global Gateway Language Learning Center, Tokyo, Japan

The largest facility of its kind in all of Japan, the Tokyo Global Gateway offers children and young adults the opportunity to practice their English language skills with native speakers, in themed role-play areas designed to replicate environments typical of other cultures. The experience is designed to virtually transport the students to another country.

Inspired by Jet-Age airport aesthetics (esp. Eero Saarinen’s TWA Terminal at JFK Airport) , our design for the lobby and mezzanine lounge follows the learning center’s concept of a virtual voyage. On the ground floor, an oversized departure gate and with life-size supergraphics of jet airplanes create a departure point for the student’s journey, while the “arrival lounge” located on the second-floor mezzanine becomes the arrival point.

Designed with Mariko Abe and Rieko Ito
Architects of Record: Syscare, Tokyo, Japan
Building Contractor: Sogo Design, Tokyo, Japan

Environmental Design

- Lobby Design
- Mezzanine Lounge Design
- Custom Furniture Design
- Supergraphics Design
- Staging of Learning Areas (advised on the selection of furniture, fixtures, materials, color, finishes)

Tokyo Global Gateway Front Desk

The Gate: a fabricated steel structure is the sculptural centerpiece of the lobby design.

Tokyo Global Gateway Lobby Supergraphics

The existing steel and glass pavilion provided a perfect setting for the staging of our airport terminal. The life-size supergraphics of airliners cast shadows on the lobby’s three-story tall glass walls.

Tokyo Global Gateway Lobby

Regular waves are the theme for the HVAC screens, while sweeping curves defines the shape of the red-carpeted area where students gather before entering the facility.

Tokyo Global Gateway Front Desk

The ample reception desk is perfectly integrated within the organic shape of the fabricated steel gate.

Tokyo Global Gateway Mezzanine Lounge

The central area of the second-floor mezzanine is open to the floor below and wrapped in a full-height glass wall. Wavy supergraphics on the glass wall create a cloud effect with a playful play of reflections and transparency.

Tokyo Global Gateway Lounge

Curves and waves are consistent visual elements throughout the lobby and mezzanine, and the aesthetic theme behind the design of our custom-made lounge furniture.

Tokyo Global Gateway Mezzanine Lounge

Our Red Cloud seating and Molecules coffee tables are designed for flexible public spaces and can be rearranged into playful compositions.