Ellen Lucas

Freelance food stylist,
New York, NY, USA

In most of it's uses, the logo is combined with a signature photograph of red cabbage (styled by Ms. Lucas herself), which reinforces the relationship to food styling without being too closely related to a specific dish or cuisine. The focus of the visual communication package was on Ms. Lucas' own work and its ability to speak for itself. One of the top commercial food stylists in the USA, Ellen Lucas required a very personalized look-and-feel that expressed her personality as well as her professional talent. The logo takes advantage of a very soft and bubbly font (VAG Rounded) combined with sophisticated, feminine color (from Ms.Lucas's favorite lipstick), which results in a stylish, friendly, yet delicious looking bubblegum look. Our responsibilities include:

- Logo/Identity Design
- Stationery System
- Commercial Reel Video Editing,
Titles, and Soundtrack
- Print Portfolio Animation and Soundtrack
- DVD Graphics, Production and Packaging
- Brochure
- Website with Streaming Video Portfolio
- Equipment Labels


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