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Fuzzy, pet clock

To some people time is a fuzzy notion, good time goes fats, bad time slows down… trying to really measure is nearly impossible.

We designed the Fuzzy clock following the fuzzy concept of time, its dimensions are hard to measure, subject to personal interpretation. The result is a personable, furry companion, that can rest on the table or be attached to the monitor, lamp or wall with adhesive Velcro® pads.


Product design for Benza, New York, USA
Materials: wood body, marabou feathers, self-adhesive Velcro®
Dimensions: 51 x 153 x ~ 153.077mm (on a good hair day)



pinup colors_O.jpg

Pin Up, wall clock

If we refer to really awful time as “hard time”, then its opposite, the really wonderful and amazing time, could be thought of as “soft time”.

Soft, warm and cozy, the polar fleece blanket holding the clock movement is stretched and held onto the wall by twelve push pins, which also serve as hour markers. Their location is conveniently identified by embroidered details.

-pinup assy_2.jpg

Product design for Benza, New York, USA
Materials: polar fleece (or denim), clock movement,  aluminum push-pins
Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 40 mm

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Soft, shock-proof desk clock

Following the same concept of “soft time” already explored with the Pin UP wall clock (see above), the Soft clock offers a nearly indestructible desktop alternative.

Soft as a wool blanket, this little clock in fact is not about being on time, deadlines or appointments, but rather about soft, warm, cozy time... so don’t even ask if it comes with an alarm!

-Soft clock_3.jpg

Product design for Benza, New York, USA
Materials: wool felt, clock fit-up
Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 25 mm

softclock 3_O_2.jpg


Big Cheese, kitchen clock

A pop-art approach to the design of a kitchen clock, its concept born from free-association word play: KITCHEN - CLOCK > CLOCK - SWISS > SWISS - CHEESE > Swiss cheese kitchen clock!

=big cheese collection_1.jpg

Product design for Benza, New York, USA
Material: Brushed aluminum or polished acrylic dial, clock movement
Dimensions: 305 x 230 x 40 mm

-big cheese.jpg