Giovanni Pellone Design

We are a restless bunch of cultural junkies with a common passion for design and innovation. We believe true creativity owes as much to talent as it does to the rigor of the design process, and that our efforts as a team will always reach farther than our individual abilities. We come from different backgrounds, and different corners of the world, but are confident that our cultural differences are not an obstacle, they are rather our advantage. Our paths intersect in Tokyo, because this is where today we find our greatest inspiration.

Drop us a line. Let's find out what we can create together.

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Communication Design

Visual Branding, Advertising, Print, Web Design, Motion Graphics, Mobile App UX/UI, Packaging Graphics

Industrial Design

Consumer Products, Furniture, Lighting, Home & Office Accessories, Housewares, Structural Packaging

and More

Environmental Design, Product Graphics, Social Media


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